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Attention job seekers! The registration of your cv is a completely free registration process with Kontak Recruitment. Our recruitment agency is dedicated to ensuring a cost-free experience for job seekers, devoid of any registration or placement fees. Embark on your journey towards new opportunities, and rest assured, it won't cost you a penny.

Note: Kontak Recruitment is committed to not charging job seekers any registration or placement fees. If you have uncertainties about any positions or have questions, feel free to contact us at 011 431 3542. Job seekers can apply directly to the posts below or email their CV to [email protected], including the relevant JB number in the subject line.

Job seekers, please be aware that we don't actively search for jobs on behalf of individuals. Our focus is on fulfilling the requirements of employers who have engaged us to fill specific positions. Feel free to explore our job listings, showcasing opportunities available with our clients who are currently hiring.


To register your CV with Kontak Recruitment on our online job portal is free. We do not charge job seekers a registration or placement fee of any kind. Please feel free to register your CV onto our database. 


Explore the latest job opportunities and vacancies as they get approved. Navigate through our online job agency portal to discover current openings in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, and more. Connect with companies hiring in your vicinity. Start your job search today!


Discover the most recent articles covering the job market, employment, and pertinent employment laws and regulations. Gain valuable insights with tips and tricks on job hunting, crafting effective CVs and cover letters, navigating the job market, and leveraging social media for your job search. Stay informed and enhance your career strategies with our up-to-date content.


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Our ultimate goal as a recruitment agency to assist job seekers  to secure good job opportunities within their preferred field of employment and in turn employers in hiring of good staff members who will become an integral part of the employers team.


Job Seekers registering with Kontak Recruitment

Potential candidates can register their CV with our agency on our free online job portal. Job seekers are able to browse our current available job listings and apply for jobs within our portfolio of clients for job opportunities in their preferred field of employment. Should you not see a post that you are interested in or qualify for, you can register your CV with our recruitment agents online. Registration of your CV is free, we do not charge job seekers a registration or placement fee. 

Job seekers to note that as part of our recruitment process we will conduct background checks including criminal checks and extensive referencing.

Job seekers - we do not find jobs for job seekers, we work according to the open job listings that employers have hired us to fill.  Job seekers can explore our listings for jobs available with our clients who are hiring now.


How does Kontak Recruitment Agency Work?

Our recruitment agencies are hired by employers, who provide us with a list of their open job vacancies to source and place their personnel and staffing requirements:

  1. Conduct job analysis

  2. Recruitment plan

  3. Writing the job description

  4. Advertising the vacancy

  5. Recruit the position - Application screening, sourcing and headhunting

  6. Screening

  7. Interviews

  8. Background Checks

  9. Job Offer

  10. Hiring and on-boarding

Recruitment Fraud and Scam Warning!:

There are a number of recruitment scams operating in different parts of South Africa and globally where ''fake recruiters'' are contacting jobs seekers claiming to represent various well known organisations and then asking for payments to cover a range of expenses and administration costs for placement, recruitment, background checks, uniforms etc.

This is a well established, sophisticate scam used by criminals to  which impact job seekers looking for work. These communications received should be scrutinized for legitimacy. To avoid falling victim to recruitment scams and fraud: Do not respond to unsolicited offers from people who you have never submitted your CV to, Do not disclose personal or financial details to anyone you are unfamiliar with, Check documentation and communication for poor grammar and spelling. Beware of employers or agents using webmail email addresses such as @ yahoo or @ hotmail, hover over received email addresses to check the sender's details. If you are asked for payment of any kind, contact your local police department or the labour deparmtnet as this is very like to be fraud. Should you come across anyone posing to be from Kontak Recruitment who is trying to charge you for services of finding you a job, please contact us immediately on [email protected] or call us on 011 431 3542.

Kontak Recruitment will never ask for payment for a job seeker at any stage of the recruitment process.

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At Kontak Recruitment job seekers have direct access to our open job vacancies on our  online job portal posted on our website. Job seekers can view our job vacancies and apply and upload their CV's directly onto our ATS (Applicant Tracking System) or our job portal free of charge.

Job seekers can apply and upload their CV's on our mobile website as well as our desktop website. Our recruitment agency jobs are now available for you as the job seeker to view and apply. The list of jobs as indicated above are the positions which we have available at this point in time.

Job seekers can view our list of available jobs within our list of client employers for relevant job posts near themthat are available within the job seekers preferred field of employment. The jobs listings as indicating above are the positions which we have available at present.

From positions within Admin and office support, Sales and Marketing, Hospitality, Information Technology, Finance and Accounting to Human Resource jobs. It all depends on what is available within our portfolio of clients at any given point of time. All positions are released on the job portal the moment we have secured the role from our client and received all the requirements for the job. Vacancies within the private sector mostly ranging from large organisations to small and medium businesses. Sometimes government vacancies, but not to much.

Our job vacancies will include all or our available positions within Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town and other surrounding areas. Although most positions will be situated within the major business hubs of Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town.