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Kontak Recruitment Agency , a proudly South African Recruitment Agency, is a dynamic and leading generalist employment and staffing agency. Professional recruitment services placing top staff & personnel with companies in South Africa and Internationally for over 10 years, recruiting and hiring staff in all employment sectors on all career levels for placements in permanent and contract job vacancies. Recruitment in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town and across South Africa.


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Recruitment and hiring of staff is very time intensive, one of the benefits of using Kontak Recruitment as a recruiting agency is that we understand the hiring process and can effectively filter and screen candidates to secure the appropriate candidate for the job role. Kontak Recruitment is tasked to find candidates on behalf of the employer to fulfill their hiring requirements. 

Kontak Recruitment is one of the leading recruitment agencies in Johannesburg and has been partnering with employers in South Africa and internationally as their preferred recruiter for over 10 years to fulfill their recruitment and hiring of  the best personnel for their available job opportunities in various sectors.

We assist companies that are looking to recruit and hiring new staff with their employment requirements by sourcing the best possible talent for their available job vacancies.


Employers engage Kontak Recruitment to support their workforce needs by facilitating the sourcing, placement, and fulfillment of their available jobs opportunities through effective personnel and staffing solutions.

  1. Conduct job analysis and recruitment plan

  2. Writing job description

  3. Advertising the vacancy

  4. Recruit the position - Application screening, sourcing and headhunting

  5. Screening

  6. Interviews

  7. Background checks

  8. Job offer

  9. Hiring and on-boarding


Job Seekers registering with Kontak Recruitment

Potential candidates that are looking for a job can register their CV with our agency on our free online job portal. Job seekers are able to browse our current available job listings and apply for jobs within our portfolio of clients for relevant job opportunities in their preferred field of employment. Should you not see a post that you are interested in or qualify for, you can register your CV with our  recruitment agent on our online job portal. Registration of your CV is free, we do not charge job seekers a registration or placement fee. 

It is important for job seekers to note that as part of our recruitment process we will conduct background checks including criminal checks and extensive referencing.

Job seekers should note that we do not find jobs for job seekers but that we work according to the open job listings that employers have hired us to fill.  Job seekers can explore our agency listings for jobs available with companies who are hiring now.


Executive and headhunting recruitment


With a legacy spanning over 15 years, Kontak Recruitment stands as a premier partner in executive and headhunting recruitment, catering to the specialized needs of discerning companies. Our seasoned team possesses a wealth of experience and industry acumen, excelling in the identification and placement of high-caliber executives across various sectors. our consultants have a proven track record of successfully filling leadership roles, contributing to the strategic growth of organizations. 

IT Recruitment


Kontak Recruitment has been assisting companies for over 15 years to recruit IT and Telecommunications professional. Our full stack recruiters have gained valuable experience and industry knowledge in headhunting for IT and telecoms staff. Our consultants have filled many IT positions in a variety of industries with employers across South Africa including Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town and the surrounding areas.

Accounting and Finance Recruitment


As a sourcing firm, Kontak Recruitment started our journey in the niche field of accounting and finance recruitment, our very first placement being that of a Credit Manager. We have over the years expanded  our recruitment industries on request of employers needing to hire across all job sectors, evolving to a leading generalist recruitment agency with specialist niche  recruitment divisions.

Admin and Office Support Recruitment


Kontak Recruitment prides itself as one of the leading recruitment agencies within the admin and office support recruitment sector. Our Admin recruiters are committed to establish and maintain a positive difference in your hiring needs.

Digital Marketing Recruitment


E Commerce, digital marketing and SEO is one of the fastest growing sectors in South Africa, with the scarcity of skills available in the job market, headhunting for the required skills has become vital. It has become essential in this job market to recruit passive candidates in creative ways.

HR Recruitment


Recruiting and hiring employees whose talents and skills and aligned with your business goals is crucial. Our HR recruiters develop and implement creative recruiting plans and strategies to fulfill your company's staffing needs. Our consultants have a  wide network with many HR professionals allowing your skills need to reach a larger audience.

Sales and Marketing Recruitment


Sales and marketing recruitment is vital in building a team that can take your business forward. If you are looking to achieve in sales and customer service or planning to enter new markets or just boost sales. Our recruiters have been placing top performing sales professionals and marketing executives across multiple industries.

Medical and pharmaceutical Recruitment


As a prominent player in supporting companies within the medical and pharmaceutical industries in sourcing top-tier talent. Our recruiters, well-versed in the intricacies of medical and pharmaceutical recruitment, have amassed invaluable experience and industry knowledge. Specializing in identifying and securing skilled professionals for critical roles.

Graduate Recruitment


Kontak Recruitment has been a leading partner in aiding companies with their graduate recruitment needs, successfully placing entry-level positions, helping organizations build a dynamic and skilled workforce. Our reach extends across South Africa, serving employers in key locations such as Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, and the surrounding regions, contributing to the growth and development of emerging professionals.

Employment Agency - Kontak Recruitment: Identifying, attracting, interviewing, selecting, recruiting and hiring and on-boarding employees. 15 Essential Steps to the hiring process.

Employment Agency: Employee and Employer


What is Human Resource Management ( HRM)?

Human resource management (HRM) is essentially managing people within the employer and the employee relationship.

What is recruitment?

Recruitment is the process of identifying, attracting, interviewing, selection, hiring and on-boarding employees.

What is recruitment in Human Resource Management (HRM)?

Recruitment is the first step in building an organisations human capital. The goal is to locate and hire the best candidates, on time and on budget.

Staff is a key factor to the success of an organisation. Effective use of your staffing resource results in a sustainable and competitive advantage for you business and simultaneously optimizes the value for your shareholders. Employees as a key factor to your business success need to be encouraged to reach their potential. Therefore attracting, retaining and developing the right people forms a critical focus for organisation success.

Human resource management involves the productive use of people in achieving your organisations strategic objectives and the satisfaction of the individual employee needs. An organisations Human resource ( HR) policies show its orientation towards people and play a major part in attracting and satisfying employees. The personality of the company or the company culture indicates the way in which things are done within an organisation. For the organisation to achieve success it is important that the individual employee personality and the personality  of the organisation are in tune with one another.

The Work or Job

An individual employee takes up employment with an organisation for the potential it offers to reaching personal goals within the organisation by supporting work and work potential.

The individual employee

Individuals are the focus of any organisation  to reach their objective achievement goals. Without people, an organisation cannot function and therefore employing the right people would be the organisations best use of its most important asset.

What does recruitment involve:

15 Essential steps of the hiring process:
  1. Identify the hiring need

  2. Devise a recruitment plan

  3. Write a job description

  4. Advertise the position

  5. Recruit the position

  6. Review applications

  7. Phone interviews and initial screening

  8. Interviews

  9. Applicant assessment

  10. Background checks

  11. Decision

  12. Reference check

  13. Job offer

  14. Hiring

  15. on-boarding

Our recruitment consultants have extensive experience within the employment sector including placement of permanent, contract, temporary and freelance jobs. Should you be looking to hire staff, submit a vacancy to our recruiters, who will get in touch and discuss your recruitment requirements. Job seekers can view our list of available vacancies within our portfolio of clients for relevant job opportunities in their preferred field of employment.

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